To encourage and support the growth of small to medium size business, cultivating a community of conscious leaders.

Conscious Business Solutions, is a company founded on the principles of responsible business practices. Conscious Leaders take into account all of the stakeholders in their business. They seek to have a positive impact in the lives of individuals, communities, and the world at large. As this is stated, change begins with an individual and reciprocates outward, impacting everyone and everything that we come into contact with. Our Mission is two fold, to encourage and support the growth of small to medium size business, all the while cultivating a community of conscious leaders.

To partner with leaders and owners of these businesses to help them achieve their dreams, achieve their goals, and to realize their greatest potential. Along the way, supporting the growth of our leaders. Leaders with purpose and vision. Leaders who place value in people, in community stewardship, and in making a difference. With our extensive knowledge, you can be confident that our assistance will help your business grow. Our professional consultants will work with you to improve your company's efficiency, expediency and quality, and if there are any areas in particular where you are looking to expand, we will show you exactly how to proceed.

If you need professional, experienced motivational speakers to invigorate your team, we have the perfect mentors to guide them. We are dedicated to business development at all levels, from leadership to ground floor. To take advantage of our consultant and business development services, please contact us at Conscious Business Solutions in Hillsborough, NC, today.


About: Trevor Barhydt

With over 33 years of business experience, Trevor brings a wide variety of skills pertinent to the successful operation of any type of business, be it a provider of a service or goods. Leading teams ranging from as small as a dozen to teams of over two hundred and seventy five , his empowering style of leadership has developed a litany of leaders in the companies and  communities he has served. Companies he has worked for in a leadership capacity include P&C Food Markets, Harris Teeter Inc, and Whole Foods Market. He currently resides in Hillsborough, NC.


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